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Jamie McBride: LAPD Can’t Afford To Cut Budget with World Cup, Olympics Coming Up in Los Angeles

‘He has failed a leadership test’
By Grabien Staff


MCBRIDE: “I think it’s quite clear what he meant. He actually corrected it and said he didn’t mean L.A.P.D., he’s said officers across the nation, which I think is even worse. Eric Garcetti had security detail on his residence to guard his family 24/7, his children, so he has killers guarding his children. That’s how ridiculous this thing is. We have officers that were injured the last week and a half, one was shot. We had officers that had their heads fractured, their skulls fractured, they are in the hospital in one minute literally he’s praising us for our dedication and service, two days later he’s calling us killers and there’s something definitely wrong with Eric Garcetti. He has failed a leadership test. He has definitely unstable and I think he needs to step back and do a self reflect, he just can’t handle the stress of a big city like Los Angeles.”

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