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Jason Johnson: Trump Is ‘White Supremacist,’ ‘Terrorist Sympathizer,’ and a ‘Danger’ To Nonwhites

‘Our president is a clear and present danger to nonwhite people in America; it’s that simple’
By Grabien Staff


REID: "MSNBC political analyst Jason Johnson “The root,” former senator Barbara boxer, Democrat of California. Jason, a couple more responses from members of Congress to what Donald Trump said. Ileana Russ lateen, she said the president calling Haiti an s-hole country ignores the contributions thousands of Haitians have made to this country. CBC chairman Cedric Richman of Louisiana, whose population largely was drawn from Haiti over overthrowing the napoleonic government, President Trump’s comments are another indication of his racially ignorant views. It reinforces concerns we hear every day that “Make America great again' is code for 'Make America white again.'"
JOHNSON: "We’ve been saying this a long time. The president is a white supremacist. We heard in Charlottesville. Our president is a terrorist sympathizer. Our president is a clear and present danger to nonwhite people in America. It’s that simple. There’s no reason to pretend that’s not what’s going on. What’s important is not just how his heart feels. I’ve never cared about that and that’s not what’s important. This manifest in policy, this manifest in judicial policy, this manifest ins in immigration policy, this manifests in how this administration has dealt with American citizens this Puerto Rico who are dying because they don’t consider them to be real Americans. Unless the Democratic Party realizes that this man is an enemy to nonwhite people in America, and this is not an exaggeration. Everything in his rhetoric and policy has said so. We will be in danger as a sof rant nation. We have to recognize that this president has made it abundantly clear since he got into office he does not want to make a space for nonwhite people to participate. Yes, there are some people who are not-white who are in his administration. But policy-wise and rhetoric-wise, he’s made it abundantly clear there is no role for brown, tan, yellow, LGBT people in the future that he wants to create in America."

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