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Jen Psaki: Dems Should Be Frightened After Trump’s Week

‘Democrats should have their eyes open about that’

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, but — no, that’s true but, again, I’ll bring this to Jen. You say 49 percent. And, yes, you can make the argument that with an economy like this it should be 55, 60, 65.
COMSTOCK: I think it’s better in swing states.
STEPHANOPOULOS: But 49 percent was about where Barack Obama was when he was going for re-election at the beginning of — of 2012.
DOWD: George Bush was in 2004.
STEPHANOPOULOS: George Bush in 2004. And in this kind of afford — polarized environment, that may be enough.
PSAKI, FORMER OBAMA COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR AND CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: That’s right. It may be. And we — and Democrats should have their eyes open about that. I mean looking back on this week, you know, the Iowa Democratic Party got a lot of attention for good reason, for the disaster that was. But President Trump is at 49 percent, as you said. Watching the State of the Union, I also was struck by the fact that he was trying to sell a story about his appeal to African-Americans across the country. I may sit here and think that’s laughable, but people watching may have bought that. Some people watching may have bought that.
He’s a good producer, a good producer of visuals. And he also is now empowered after his acquittal. So, you know, it’s — it’s a little scary. Democrats should be a little frightened after this week would be my view.

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