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Jen Rubin: ‘If It’s True’ Kavanaugh Partied in High School, ‘He’s Not a Very Good Witness to His Own Behavior’

‘There’s plenty to investigate’
By Grabien Staff

RUBIN: "Yeah. Well, listen, that's sort of the birds of a feather theory. There's also another one running in which they just read from her letter, which is even more stunning, I think, the allegations that have come out one by one. And, listen, there's plenty to investigate. What we have heard from numerous individuals who are part of that social clique, "The Washington Post" interviewed a number of them, this was an alcohol, drug soaked culture in which a lot of juvenile boys were rough with women, were disrespectful towards women. And let's first of all find out if that's the milieu in which he was operating. If he did drink to excess. And if he did drink to excess, he's not a very good witness to his own behavior, quite frankly. So there's a lot of evidence now that we see. We also have had someone come forward, a friend who says eight years ago she said, she needed a bedroom with an extra door so she would never be trapped in her room. These are facts that can be confirmed that do add to her credibility. And what other explanation, other than the fact that this occurred would there be? You now have people concocting theories that there's some mistaken identity or an evil twin running around. This is nonsense. Who could clear that up? The FBI."

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