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Jennifer Granholm: Pres. Biden Is Working with Other Countries and the Private Sector to Improve Cyber Security

‘But the bottom line is, people, whether you’re private or public sector, you shouldn’t be paying ransomware attacks because it only encourages the bad guys’
By Grabien Staff


GRANHOLM: "Yeah, they do. I mean, I think that there are very malign actors who are trying. Even as we speak, there are thousands of attacks on all aspects of the energy sector and the private sector generally, I mean, the meat plant, for example. We — it's happening all the time. And this is why the private sector and the public sector have to work together. And this is what the President is doing. He's working with our allies. He's working with countries around the world, because other countries, even Russia, they don't want to see their sectors attacked by malign actors, by rogue non-state actors, not to mention state actors. So, working with other countries, working with the private sector, working inside of our own government — the President has issued these executive orders to make sure that our own house is in order — making sure that citizens are able to protect themselves.” 

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