Jennifer Rubin: ‘We Know This President Is a Racist’
‘The most shameful thing’


MATTHEWS: "In this history lesson we are reminded of. Most of us come from grandparents from other parts of Europe. The African-Americans you meet on the street have been here for hundreds of years before us. That’s just a fact. Also by the way add to one more iconic reality, I think it was the lady of freedom on the top of the capital building was put there by slaves. Your thoughts?"
RUBIN: "I do agree with Joy. The most shameful thing, we have accepted and we know this president is a racist and to quote his own staff, a dope, is the behavior of the Republicans. To have Mr. Cotton and Mr. Perdue jointly say we have no memory of this. How cowardly is this. You either remember something like that or you’re going to cover for him. They know it’s wrong, won’t say it and have the guts to keep their mouth shut."