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Jerry Nadler: I Did Not Have Any Issues with the Way Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Characterized 9/11

‘She was talking about discrimination against Muslim Americans’
By Grabien Staff


NADLER: “No, I did not. She characterized it only in passing, she was talking about discrimination against Muslim Americans. She just said after that happened, it was used as an excuse for lots of discrimination and for withdrawal of civil liberties. No, I did not take — I’ve had problems with some of her other remarks but not with that one. And for the President — 9/11 occurred in my district. I’m very familiar with it, I know people — a lot of people who suffered from it, I was involved. I was instrumental in getting funding for small business grants for victims of 9/11, for people with small businesses in the area. The President — he wasn’t President then, but Donald Trump actually took a $150,000 grant from the Bush Administration, they let him take a $150,000 grant meant for small businessmen for 40 Wall Street, a small business 40 Wall Street. He stole $150,000 from some small business person who could have used it to help rehabilitate themselves. That’s why I got Congress to appropriate that money to use it for his own small business at 40 Wall Street. He has no moral authority to be talking about 9/11 at all.”

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