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Jesse Jackson: Hillary Won by 3 Million Votes and Lost, There’s Something Wrong with That

‘In 2018, Mr. Trump lost by 9 million votes and yet he won the Senate’
By Grabien Staff


HARLOW: “You write 2019 must be about the vision of a fully equal society. What is the most important thing you think could happen this year to get towards true equality?”

JACKSON: “Well, the protected rights of voters. At 19, in 2016, Hillary won by 3 million votes, but lost. Something wrong with that. In 2018, Mr. Trump lost by 9 million votes and yet he won the Senate. And so equal protection under the law and fairness is critical. Health care, I thought that was the premier contribution President Obama made, for 26 million Americans, health care for the first time and the Trump Administration was determined to undermine access to health. There are 4 million fewer people with health care. So the right to vote, health care, and clean up these jails of those in jail who are nonviolent crimes but they’re making a jail a hotel. These are basic.”


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