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Jesse Ventura: Open Our Borders So Mexicans Can Do Clean up After Hurricanes

‘Who is going to do this clean up, the white people?’
By Grabien Staff


VENTURA: "Who is going to do this cleanup? The white people? I think we should open our borders and bring the Mexicans up. We've got a lot of work for them: cleaning up Houston, cleaning up Florida; we had a big storm in Minnesota by my golf course, I found it interesting, hale, so a lot of homes needed to be re-roofed. All of a sudden I'm hearing this Mexican music every day, because as I looked out at the roofers, they were all Mexican. So think of that, people. When you want to stop these immigrants from coming into our country, who's going to do that work? You? Think about it. These are hardworking people. We want them." 

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