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Jill Wine-Banks: Polls Show the American People Are Turning Against the President

‘You have a danger to American security’


WINE-BANKS: “Well, I still remain pollyanna, and I can remain aspirationally motivated to think that it could happen, that facts will matter, and that as the American people — as polls are showing — are turning against the president and starting to believe that he should not only be impeached but that he should be convicted and removed from office. I think that that will ultimately affect the Republicans who know that if they stick with him, it will be like having a very heavy anchor tied to them and that they need to take some action. I think it’s important to note that in the letter that the former Watergate office people signed, Phil akavar was a Republican until the election of Donald Trump. He voted for Nixon twice, but believed in justice. And I think that that’s what people have to see is that the facts matter and that in this case, don’t have to keep investigating. There is enough right now on the public record. And unless there is something that we haven’t seen and that Donald Trump is hiding that counters that, there is enough evidence for crimes, but you don’t need a crime. You have impeachable offenses. You have a danger to American security. Ambassador yovanovitch made clear the danger to America. And I worked in Ukraine at a time when it was extremely corrupt. And so, I completely understand the help that the State Department provides to American business to do business in Ukraine and how important it is that Ukraine, Kerr a new leadership, eliminates corruption and not the fake corruption that Donald Trump is trying to manufacture.”

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