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Jim Baker on Bush: He Was ‘the Last Gentleman that We’ve Had as President’

‘He was a religious person who didn’t wear his religion on his sleeve but he was a man of great faith’
By Grabien Staff

MARGARET BRENNAN: We turn now to President George H.W. Bush’s longtime friend, his Secretary of State James Baker, who joins us from the Baker Institute in Houston this morning. My condolences, sir. I know you were dear friends with the former President. And you were with him in those final moments. Knowing him as you did, for so many years, can you tell us what you took away in those last moments? What is left with you in terms of your memory of him?

FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE JAMES BAKER: Well he was a- he was a- He had great faith in God. He was a religious person who didn’t wear his religion on his sleeve but he was a man of great faith. He was a family man. He, as one of your- in your lead-in someone said, one of the things he said he was proudest of was that his children came home and he was proud of that. He was a- he was a selfless, patriotic servant of the United States of America for many, many years. And he was one who did not believe in taking credit. He was one who believed in letting other people get the credit. 

He was courageous. Courageous enough to run for president when nobody knew who he was. He was an asterisks in the polls. He jumped into that race in 1980. He ended up beating such a more popular political figures as John Connally and Howard Baker and Bob Dole and others and had to become the last man standing with Ronald Reagan and therefore ended up being his vice president. So he was- he was a man of great capacity he was a man of great tenderness and sensitivity. He was as someone said, the last gentleman that we’ve had as president.

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