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Jim Himes: Of Course Firing Sessions Is an Effort by Trump to Control Mueller

‘This is very clearly a way to put his guy, Whitaker, in charge of the investigation


BERMAN: "Congressman, you're on the Intelligence Committee so I want to pivot if I can. The news that the president fired Robert Mueller (sic) and replaced him. The acting attorney general is Matt Whitaker, someone who has been hostile to the Mueller investigation. Do you see this as a move by the president if not to end it, to control the Mueller investigation?"
HIMES: "Oh, of course, it is. I mean, we don't even need to debate that, right? I mean, we've got the record on Twitter, right? The President of the United States, for well over a year, has hated his attorney general, not for any particular reason other than the fact that the attorney general recused himself from overseeing the investigation. And, of course, the president has gone after Rod Rosenstein. So look, there's no question that that is what is happening here. It's not like the president disagreed with Jeff Sessions' legal philosophy or thought he was a bad manager of the Department of Justice. This is very clearly a way to put -- to put his guy, Whitaker, in charge of the investigation. That's a very, very scary thing.”

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