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Joaquin Castro: ‘We Have To Be Willing to Put Aside the Filibuster in Order to Protect Our Democracy’

‘You have to be able to do it to protect our democracy and our voting rights’
By Grabien Staff


CASTRO: “Well, you know, look, I’m for hr 1 and hr 4, but it was clear that Joe Manchin had gotten to a place where it didn’t look like he was — not only was he not going to do away with the filibuster to enact voting rights, he wasn’t even supporting the bills. So when he finally started negotiating and talking, now it’s a promising sign. Although you’re right, there aren’t some of the things we would like to see in his compromise proposal, I think Stacey Abrams supported it because it does represent progress. But then for the Republicans to come forward and say we’re not going to vote basically for anything. We’re not going to support the compromise. We’re not going to vote for anything. It’s clear what we have to do. We have to be willing to put aside the filibuster in order to protect our democracy and pass voting rights legislation.”

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