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Joe Biden Can’t Remember If He Owns a 20 Gauge Or a 10 Gauge Shotgun

‘I support the Second Amendment’


BIDEN: “And so, folks, we've got to change. We're in a battle for the soul of this country. The soul of this country. The idea that we're in a situation where — how many of you sent your kids or grandkids to school this September? Instead of learning how to drop, cover and roll for a fire drill, they'll learn how to duck and cover. Talk about moral depravity, we cannot even get assault weapons out of our schools. The greatest concern kids have in terms of polling, age 7 to 20, is being shot in school. In the United States of America. That's a stain on the soul of this country. I support the Second Amendment. I own 20 gauge and a 10 — excuse me, a 12 gauge shotgun. But my Lord, any of you guys who need a clip that has 100 rounds in it, you shouldn't be hunting, man. You're a danger to yourself.”

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