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Joe Biden: ‘Fundamental Violation of Constitutional Principles’ for Trump to Replace RBG

‘To rush this is close to fundamental violation of constitutional principles’
By Grabien Staff


BIDEN: “This is the one chance on the Constitution where the American people have an opportunity. And to rush this is just close to -- it's just a fundamental violation of constitutional principles."
HARVEY: "Yeah. Can he legally do that? Can President Trump legally appoint somebody before this election?"
BIDEN: "Oh, he can legally name somebody, it's right technically, but it's violation of constitutional under -- the underlying rationale, he can name somebody he wants to be the nominee, but all those Republicans, including the Majority Leader McConnell from Kentucky said that he shouldn't appoint -- you know, you shouldn't anybody in an election year. Remember they stopped Merrick Garland from being appointed or confirmed or even having a hearing because that's who President Obama picked nine -- ten months before the election. But he can do that.”

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