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Joe Biden: I Don’t Believe We Should Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings

‘I think people should have to get in line’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: "It works for him, this issue, the idea of law and order versus a left that seems like it’s open borders because it means it's lawless. Yet, you have people who are running close to you now, who are saying decriminalize coming into the country illegally. Do you believe that should be decriminalized?"
BIDEN: "No, I don’t. No, I don't. I think people should have to get in line. But if people are coming because they’re actually seeking asylum, they should have a chance to make their case. I would be surging, as we did and Barack and I did, surging folks to the border to make those concrete decisions. The other thing, Chris, is why are they coming? The reason a vast majority of people are coming from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador is because they’re in trouble.”

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