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Joe Biden: ‘These DACA Students Are More American than Most Americans Are’

‘I am going to, once again, legalize all the DACA students’


BIDEN: “I'm going to, once again, legalize all the DACA students. These DACA students are more Americans than most Americans are. 
No, I'm serious, think about it. They come along and they're 8 years old and mom says, 'We're crossing over.' 'No, mom, leave me here. I don't want to go.' They don't know where they're from, they've never been there. They've been good, decent citizens, and they're great additions. By the way, you all know why we didn't talk about it and I won't go into it much if you don't want me to later, but here's  the deal. Think about this. You know why our Social Security system is still solid? Because of immigration. They didn't cost us anything . They made sure — they're paying for it. You've got it, mom.”

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