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Joe Biden: ‘You Know that Old Expression, the Proof Is Going To Be in Eating the Pudding’

‘Let’s get away from the childishness of this and focus on the problem’
By Grabien Staff


BIDEN: "You had said you hope toñrñr improve your job rating, your rating of the president.q what do you make of the fact that the president’s job rating has bumped up during this crisis? 3 çrñwell, I think, you know, I think that’s a typical American response. In every single crisis we have had that I have beenq around, going back to Jimmy Carter and the hostages all the way through to thise1 moment, presidents’ ratings have always gone up in a crisis, but that old expression, the proof is going to be in eating the pudding. What’s it going to look like? I hopexd we’re in a situation going intoko the fall where this is under control, where we have done all the right things and things are binning to move and the president is listening to the scientists and stopping the personale1u attacks on people who disagree with him, and let’s get away from the childishness of this and focus on the problem."

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