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Joe Concha: Big Tech’s Parler Ban Is ‘a Slippery Slope’

‘Go to any political publication and read their comment section, it’s as vile and as hateful as anything you’ll see’
By Grabien Staff


BANDERAS: "And basically alienating over 70 million conservatives in this country. And while there were a lot of idiots that stormed the Capitol, that does not speak for all of the Trump supporters across the country that stayed home on that day. They just happened to vote for Trump and now they are sort of being lumped into this liberal bashing. You know, there are so many Hollywood celebrities, by the way, that are praising this. I just want your take on that."
CONCHA: "Well, guess what? They have a platform to perform, and maybe that will be taken away from them one day, as well. This is how it works. You have another news organization trying to get Fox News off of the air by going to their cable providers and saying, 'Why are you carrying Fox?' You know, so it's the slippery slope where soon no one will have a platform. This is how it works, Julie."

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