Joe Concha on Maddow’s Trump Tax Story: ‘This Is a Nothing Burger’
‘When you are trying too hard to go after somebody, you end up hurting yourself’


CONCHA: “You know what the irony is there, Tucker? From what I can see so far, unless they are saving something for the end of that show in terms of what they're going to reveal, this is a boomerang effect. It is supposed to be something — an object thrown at Donald Trump to hurt him and instead it will come right back and this will hurt media and the people against Trump even further because this, as far as I can tell, is a nothing burger. Unless there is something else there that I am missing, this will have the same boomerang effect that his '95 tax returns had during the election where everybody said, 'See, Donald Trump, you didn't pay a lot of taxes,' and Trump actually turned it into a positive where he said, 'Yeah, I know the tax system. I didn't pay what I didn't need to pay.' And people are almost applauding like, 'Yeah, I would do the same thing.' So that's the effect I think we're seeing here. When you are trying too hard to go after somebody, it's a boomerang effect and you end up hurting yourself.”