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Joe Rogan Unloads Against Dems Calling Black Conservatives ‘White Supremacists’

‘That lady that was the new lieutenant governor of Virginia that is a Black woman … she’s sponsored by the NRA’

(Via Mediaite)

Podcaster Joe Rogan slammed critics who call Black Republicans white supremacists in the aftermath of the election last week of Virginia’s first female Black lieutenant governor Winsome Sears.

“You can’t be gay and be in ISIS, you know?” said Rogan on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience on Monday. “That’s like being a Black White Supremacist, but actually, that’s possible now. They’re saying that. Anytime a Black person says anything that doesn’t go with the Democratic Party narrative. They said that person’s carrying water for white supremacists.”

“They’re out of their f*cking mind,” continued Rogan, before going on to discuss Sears, who was also elected the first female Virginia lieutenant governor.

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