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Joe Scarborough: People Need To Start Opening Up

‘With a mental healthcare crisis exploding like it is right now ... we are at a tipping point’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: “At the same time, you go to the other extreme and you look at what Charlie Baker in the state of Massachusetts is doing. I’m telling you, it’s like going back ten months. Almost all the buildings were shut down. Almost all the restaurants were shut down. I know a lot of the schools are shut down. I mean, there is a happy medium between there. And with a mental healthcare crisis exploding the way it is right now, and every mental health provider I talk to says we are now at a tipping point, Charlie, you, like me, we're conservatives, but we have been urging caution through this pandemic. I think the caution now goes to the other side. People need to start opening up. We’ve got one out of three Americans at least partially vaccinated, 4 million Americans got vaccinated on Saturday. Deaths and hospitalizations are plunging. It is time to open every school. It is time to start opening up cities like Boston. The mental health of Americans requires it with all of these vaccines already in the arms of Americans.”

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