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John Bolton: ‘25 Million People in North Korea Live in a Vast Prison Camp’

‘It’s the world’s only communist dictatorship’
By Grabien Staff


BOLTON: "Your suggestion was that Dennis rodman go to North Korea. Maybe I should go with Dennis. Let’s see what we can work out here. Honestly, the thing about this regime. It’s the world’s only communist dictatorship. 25 million people in North Korea live in the fast prison camp in the 1990s, the population began to starve. There was a D population in the cities as people left to go stay with friends and relatives in the country side were at least there was food. And yet the regime stays in power. They are devoted, obviously, to that. That’s why I say this nuclear capability is there ultimate insurance possibility. They aren’t going to give it up. If they did, they give up the regime."


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