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Brennan: Just Because Trump Dossier Allegations Unproven Doesn’t Make Them Untrue

‘I think it just shows that the Mueller investigation has going to continue’
By Grabien Staff

CHUCK TODD: So this infamous dossier, it’s been-- the salacious parts of it have been reported back and forth. It's an interesting part of James Comey's book. But so far with this dossier, nothing yet has been proven untrue. How significant is that to you?

JOHN BRENNAN: Well, I think it just shows that the Mueller investigation has going to continue to pace. And as Jim Comey had said I think very famously, that these were salacious and unverified allegations. Just because they were unverified does not mean they were not true. And so what I think Mr. Mueller, as well as others have been doing, is trying to pull all of the threads. Some that may have been involved with the dossier and others that are maybe independent of it.

CHUCK TODD: During his confirmation hearing to be Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who's currently still the director of the C.I.A. said he has been interviewed by the special counsel. Have you been interviewed by the special counsel? Because you've appeared before the Congressional investigations. I'm curious if you've met with Mr. Mueller and his team.

JOHN BRENNAN: No, I have not.

CHUCK TODD: Does that surprise you that you haven't been called? Because he seems to have talked to a lot of other heads of the Obama-era intelligence.

JOHN BRENNAN: No, it's not. I think Mr. Mueller would have had access to C.I.A. files that he needed. And, again, C.I.A.'s role is not to look at the activities of individual Americans by any means. But I think there's a full record there and there are individuals at the agency who can provide the insight to Bob Mueller's team that they need.

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