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John Delaney Blames Amazon Wildfires on Trump’s Trade War with China

‘Farmers are tearing down the Amazon to grow soybeans’


DELANEY: "I’m an optimist by nature. I’m an entrepreneur. You know, before I ran for Congress I started two businesses from scratch, created thousands of jobs. So I’m a builder by nature and I like focusing on the future and talking about the things we can do together. That doesn’t mean you don’t call out bad behavior. I’ve called out President Trump for what I consider to be really bad behavior on the whole bunch of issues. That doesn’t mean I don’t call out my Democratic primary opponents for bad ideas, things that actually don’t make sense. Like this notion of being kind of an isolationist, like the president is. I mean, a lot of Democrats are talking about what’s going on in the Amazon. You opened with it. In reality, that is directly related to trade. The fact that U.S. farmers can't sell soybeans to China has created an opportunity for Brazil to sell soybeans to China. As a result, farmers are tearing down the Amazon to grow soybeans. What Democrats have to understand is that an isolationist approach to the world is not the right answer on any of these big issues we care about."

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