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John Kennedy: ‘If You Hate Cops Just Because They’re Cops, the Next Time You Get in Trouble, Call a Crackhead’

‘We have people on Capitol Hill I am sad to say that think that cops are guilty until proven innocent’
By Grabien Staff

SMITH: “And I think the word discussion as you see there, that’s the Middleton Library. The name coming down there on the LSU campus. I hear you use the word discussion. And I think everyone’s in agreement that a discussion, a debate is needed and its needed to continue albeit in a lawful manner, is what so many of us wish for. Finally on the debate on Capitol Hill, it is surely heating up on what can get done on police reform. I want to end with this sound from the Tampa Police chief and what is happening there and why it’s a tough time to be a cop right now.”

[clip starts]

DUGAN: “It’s very tough. These are trying times. I think after this case you know morale has already been down. I’m doing my best to keep them up. I do think the pendulum is going to swing back to some semblance of normalcy, but morale is tough. These are tough times to be a police officer. And, you know, good luck in trying to find anybody who want to be a chief of police right now.”

[clip ends]

SMITH: “That’s a tough thing to hear senator. You know, as far as keeping the streets of America safe, we want to feel safe going out with our family. Bill McGurn of ‘The Wall Street Journal’ yesterday writing about what’s happening to police morale in this country, how difficult it is to recruit in this time, this difficult time for our country. Final thoughts.”

KENNEDY: “You know, we have people on Capitol Hill, I am sad to say that think that cops are guilty until proven innocent. And I’m going to say what I said the other day, if you hate cops just because they’re cops, the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead. I think we’ve got more honest cops then we’ve got honest politicians. And I think it’s all just sad. When a Muslim or Jihadist blows up a school, schoolchildren were told don’t judge all Muslims by the actions of a few, and boy, I agree with that. So, how come the same rule doesn’t apply to 800,000 cops in this country? If it wasn’t for double standards around here, we wouldn’t have any standards.”

SMITH: “Senator, I’ve got five seconds left. I mean, it’s a big left to take talk about police reform in that amount of time, but as something that can get done, can you come to some sort of a partisan agreement?”

KENNEDY: “I hope so, but my Democratic friends and Speaker Pelosi refused to even let as bring up the bill for debate and for their amendment. And then they — Chuck Schumer blamed us for not passing the bill. I mean, I’m sorry, that’s kind of being called ugly by a frog. They won’t let us even get on the bill, but yet we are — Tim Scott and all the rest of us are responsible for not passing it, and by the way, Tim is trying to cover up George Floyd’s death. You know, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like a sequel to ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and it’s embarrassing. And — and you know what, this is why Congress pulls right up there in the estimation of the American people with robocalls. It’s these kinds of political games, it’s all about the next election, not the next generation.”

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