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John Kennedy: Mark Milley Is Behaving Like a Politician; He Should Resign if He Negotiated with the Chinese

‘I think general Milley has a lot of explaining to do’
By Grabien Staff


KENNEDY: "I have been very disappointed in General Milley. I mean, we need a military leader. We need a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Based on his behavior in the last year or two, we don’t have a military leader. We've got a politician."
JONES: "Do you believe he was going against the commander-in-chief, President Trump, and going to the Chinese?"
KENNEDY: "Well, according to Bob Woodward in the book, yes. And we need to hold hearings and get to the bottom of that. Now, the — "
JONES: "So should he resign?"
KENNEDY: "My Democratic friends are going to probably sweep that under the rug, but I’m ready to hold hearings. I think General Milley has a lot of explaining to do and I think he ought to stop bellowing and honking on like a goose about white rage and actually try to make our country more secure."

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