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John Kerry: ‘Solar and Wind Are Less Expensive than Coal or Oil or Gas’

‘They just are less expensive’
By Grabien Staff


KERRY: “What you're going to see around the world is more and more technologies coming online that are producing cleaner and less expensive fuels. Solar and wind are less expensive than coal, or oil, or gas. They just are less expensive. And as -- as people are going to -- and I think people are going to make choices based on economics. So, I don't think it's going to amount to a setback in the long term. The president needs to stabilize economies, the world needs to have stabilized economies. And unfortunately, that requires a temporary effort to make sure there's enough supply of fuel, enough supply of the essential ingredients of that economy, that you stabilize, and -- and are not pricing everybody out of the market. Because if you price everybody out of the market, you're going to have either, you know, an implosion economically, or a revolution as people rebel against prices that they're just not able to pay. So, there are some realities you've got to enter into here. I don't think the president has walked back one iota, I think he has very reluctantly and importantly, had to make some tough decisions. But I think ultimately, this will smooth out. And believe me, I was in California a few weeks ago, I saw technologies that are mind-boggling and what their impact is going to be. And I think as we bring them to scale, that's what's going to determine who's pumping what and who's doing what, what kind of energy we're utilizing. Heat pumps, for instance, heat pumps can replace current furnaces and keep people warm and -- and save massive amount of fuel. These are the kinds of things that are going to be coming into the marketplace and people are going to opt for them because they're going to be cheaper and better.”

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