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John Kirby Snaps at Fox’s Doocy: ‘A Little Bit Insulting’ to Suggest Biden Has a Lot of Free Time When He’s Got Covid

‘He’s been working all the way through his illness’
By Grabien Staff


DOOCY: “Is there a reason he can’t just pick up the phone and call?”

KIRBY: “He’s been working all the way through his illness, quite frankly, Peter. So that’s a little bit insulting. And as for a call —“

DOOCY: “It’s not insulting to —“

KIRBY: “It is. It is.”

DOOCY: “— say that the — that someone who is isolating by themselves —“

KIRBY: “You suggested he has a lot of free time, as if he’s not doing anything. And you know that’s not the case, Mr. Doocy.”

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