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John Leguizamo: Without Latinos, ‘There Would Be No America’

‘We made America’
By Grabien Staff


LEGUIZAMO: “I’m so glad you have me on the show. I’m a big fan. And I’ve been to the museum of the afro-American and it’s incredible. You need four days for that masterpiece. And we passed legislation, we got through the Senate, through Congress, to have a Latino museum on the mall, and now we’re trying to get the space, we have to raise $400 million, and it’s so important to me, because as a child, I didn’t have Latin heroes. We have been erased from history. And we made America. And without us, there would be no America. I mean we were the oldest ethnic group in America. This myth that we just got here is bs. Before that, we were the greatest empires, , aztec, inca, Maya, parts of America were only Latino, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, they erase our history, they erase our contributions. We’ fought in every single war America has ever had, the most decorated minority in each of those wars. The American revolution, Juan dema res, raised $2 million from Mexico and Spain to fund the American revolution for George Washington.”

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