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John Ratcliffe: Biden Created the Largest Super-Spreader Event at Southern Border Anywhere in the World

‘It’s infuriating, it’s nonsensical but bottom line it’s total garbage’
By Grabien Staff


RATCLIFFE: "Well, it’s infuriating, it’s nonsensical. But bottom line is, it’s just total garbage. I mean, I came on your program in January and talked about the fact that if Joe Biden reversed that policies at our border, he would create a humanitarian crisis that didn't exist. That's exactly what happened, and you have documented that well on this program, Maria. But what neither one of us saw was that he would take that humanitarian crisis and now create a health — public health crisis at our border, as well. By his actions, he’s created the largest Covid super-spreader event anywhere on the planet at the southern border in Texas right now. And to criticize Texas over Covid is just — it’s just nonsensical. Let me put this in perspective for you, Maria. You and I as U.S. citizens, if we go to Mexico City and we want to return to our home country, we can’t do so. The Biden administration says we can’t do so without a Covid negative test. At the very same time, the Biden administration is allowing thousands of Covid-infected illegal aliens not only into the country but then transporting them around the country in, again, what has been largest super-spreader Covid event anywhere in the world and the Biden administration is directly responsible for that."

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