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John Solomon: Bevan Cooney Emails Show Joe Biden Was Directly Assisting Hunter Biden Business Deals

‘And they show Joe Biden with directly assisting Hunter Biden’s business deals’
By Grabien Staff


SOLOMON: "Yeah. Listen, at the end of the day, we now have two things that we’re certain of. That Hunter Biden was following in the vapor trail of his father’s vice presidential jet and collecting millions upon millions of dollars from foreign actors, many of them hostile to the United States, China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. And we now know, thanks to the good work that Peter Schweitzer did today, there’s a separate batch of e-mails, not the ones found on this hard drive in Delaware but that were part of a co-defendant’s trial — we have to remember Hunter Biden’s business partner was in as a convicted felon, he was tried and convicted in 2018 — and they show Joe Biden was directly assisting Hunter Biden’s business deals, even meeting with some Chinese officials at the White House back in 2011. It’s a quid pro quo going both ways. Joe Biden is helping out Hunter Biden and Hunter Biden is getting rich."

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