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John Solomon: Hunter Biden Received $166,000 a Month from Ukraine Deal

‘As high as $220,000 in one month going into Hunter Biden and Devon Archer’s firm’
By Grabien Staff


SOLOMON: “That’s right. There is another oddity that comes out of record today. You can go back and put us on the screen. These are big records from Hunter Biden’s firm and if you remember hunter abiding saying he was getting paid a $50,000 a month. The FBI raided the office and bank records in an unrelated case in 2015. They sew transfers of $166,000 a month and as high as $220,000 in one month going into Hunter Biden and Devon archer’s firm. That’s a lot more than $50,000 and it was one of those things that heat Ukrainian prosecutor’s interest in reopening the case in March of 2019. The size of the money was much larger than they had been saying. We will must go back and we have the affidavit of this prosecutor. We have multiple — there is no explanation. How is it that the mauled and the media — you have your quid pro quo here. You have your illegal actions here. How do they ignore that part of the story and say it’s a conspiracy theory and as Joe Biden very defensively keep saying, there is nothing to the story, nothing to the story. Well, there really is a lot to the story.”

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