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John Solomon: Records Show that a DNC Contractor Came to the Ukranian Embassy to Ask for Help to Get Dirt on Trump

‘They refused to cooperate’
By Grabien Staff


SOLOMON: “Let’s start with something that’s important about this. There is a media narrative that is false. How do we know it’s false? The documents I possess show it’s false. They said there is no evidence that the Ukraine embassy was ever asked for help to help the Democrat national committee. She called that Russia propaganda. I have a statement from the Ukrainian embassy in Washington on the record from their sitting Ambassador in Washington that in fact Alexander toluca, the DNC contractor came to the Ukraine embassy in spring 2016 and asked for help in finding dirt on Donald Trump in hopes of staging a congressional hearing to hurt Donald Trump. That is the on the record statements. In addition, they state that he also asked the Ukraine president to visit the United States and spend time with an investigative reporter trying to turn up dirt on Donald Trump and Paul Manafort. What did the embassy do? They say they recognize this request for what it was, and improper efforts to influence the election and they refused to cooperate. That is a very important confirmation of something the rest of the media is calling tinfoil hat, conspiracy. It’s an Politico in the embassy’s own words.”

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