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John Yarmuth: Impeachment Not a Question of Whether, But a Question of When

‘I think that’s not a matter of whether, but it is a matter of when’


YARMUTH: “First of all, let me make a distinction. A lot of people confuse evidence with proof. There is an abundance of evidence, for instance, that the Trump campaign cooperated with the Russians in the middle of the 2016 election. Is there proof? Not yet. Maybe. But there is plenty of evidence. Abuse of power. Just the other day a report that the President was trying to use his office to kill a proposed merger deal with Time Warner and AT&T to get at CNN. And he favored a merger deal to help his friend Rupert Murdoch. That’s evidence of abuse of power. Again, we need to look into it. I don’t think right now there is any way that we can get 218 votes on the floor of the House for an impeachment resolution, but I think that’s not a matter of whether, it is a matter of when.”

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