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Jolly: ‘God Bless Rep. Omar Tonight, Because She Is a Hero in the American Lexicon’

‘They have taken their foe and turned her into a hero tonight’


JOLLY: “And the Founders envisioned exactly her political dissent when they wrote into that Constitution protections of her freedom. And it was very much the President’s behavior this week that our Founders feared when they wrote representative Omar’s protections into the Constitution. What we saw tonight, that imagery you played of her returning home to Minnesota, Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, in attacking her ideology, but moving it to her race and to her status, they have taken their foe and turned her into a hero tonight. Omar and I come from different political journeys, but we walk the same road. And God bless representative Omar tonight, because she is a hero in the American lexicon tonight as a result of what Donald Trump has tried to do to her."

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