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Jolly on Speaker Johnson: I Think He Will Shutdown the Gov’t in January

‘Johnson cannot work with Democrats in January’
By Grabien Staff


JOLLY: "So listen, I think we can't expect this to be a governing coalition because they've spent two decades becoming a party that believes government is the enemy, right. They traditionally were the less government coalition, then it became a no government party under the Tea Party, and then with Donald Trump government's the enemy. So why would we trust that they can then exercise the -- the responsibility of governing? They can't. And to the point of January, I think we will see this play out in January, as you and I discussed last night, I think Mike Johnson shuts the government down in January. He had a way with working with Democrats in this current environment because he could. He's not going to be able to get away with it in January. The reality is it will take working with Democrats. We saw that with the debt limit. We saw that with the CR under McCarthy, and now Johnson. Mike Johnson cannot work with Democrats in January, he has to stand up for his right flank and as a result, I think he will take the gamble to shut down the government."


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