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Jonathan Alter: Biden Needs To Act a Little More Like Harry Truman

‘Biden needs to act a little more like Harry Truman maybe and battle his way back’


ALTER: "Guy, you have to do both. You can’t say, 'We are not going to play on Facebook,' which is where campaigns in other countries, very negative campaigns often, they play out in these viral videos. So don’t trivialize viral videos. But you got to bring the fight to the midterms, and right now Democrats are not fighting. So, Biden needs to act a little more like Harry Truman, maybe, and battle his way back and mobilize some of the resentments that are some of the Democratic side, not just talk up the accomplishments. That’s necessary, not sufficient. You have to do both. And just very quickly, the Democratic National Committee, I think, is falling down on this job. Just to go back to Roosevelt for one second, remember Hoovervilles? Those were those shanties in the 1930s that they really used against Herbert Hoover. That was invented by the Democratic National Committee. They got up every day trying to figure out how to stigmatize Herbert Hoover. The DNC today should turn Mitch McConnell, who is extraordinarily unpopular, and other Republicans into cartoon villains. The Democrats would be a lot better off."

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