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Jonathan Capehart: The Media Have Been Guilty of Ignoring Kamala Harris

‘When you slide in the polls, people discount your candidacy’
By Grabien Staff


CAPEHART: “It is unfortunate. I think part of the problem is the polls. The media chases whoever is leading in the polls. Let’s not forget there was a time when senator Harris was leading in the polls. She was the new bright shiny object. Her launch in Oakland with 10,000 or so — more than 10,000, I think it was 20,000 people there in Oakland was wasthe best the best launch but then she started sliding in the polls and so people discounts your candidacy. And I think follow on beings in my profession are guilty of ignoring thison beings in my profession are guilty of ignoring this person. Is someone that you can’t discounts. And I applaud her for taking the question that was meant to get her to judge all over mayor Pete and use to turn the mirror on the party about where you been and what are you going to do for African-American voters. And that mirror was not just the Democratic Party, it was also to the media. The media plays in to that narrative.” 

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