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Jordan Peterson Issues Urgent Plea to Canadians to Fight Back & Reopen the Country

‘Enough, Canadians!’


PETERSON: "How long are we going to flail about hiding behind our masks, afraid to send our children, who are in no danger more serious than risk of the flu, to school, charging university students full tuition for tenth rate online education, pitting family member against family member over vaccine policy, and, most seriously, compromising the great economic engine upon which our health also depends? Until we decide not to. There are no risk-free paths forward. There’s only one risk or another. Pick your poison. That’s the choice life offers. I’m weary of living under the increasingly authoritarian dictates of a polity, hyper-concerned with one risk and oblivious to all others, and things are shaking around us. Enough, Canadians! Enough, Canadian politicos! Enough masks. Enough social gathering limitations. Enough restaurant closures. Enough undermining of political and social trust. Make the bloody vaccines available to those who want them. Quit using force to ensure compliance on the part of those who don’t. Some of the latter might be crazy, but by and large, they're no crazier than the rest of us. Set a date. Open the damn country back up before we wreck something we can’t fix."

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