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Joy Ann Reid: Instead of Talking About Criminal Justice Reform, Tim Scott Chose To Lie About the Georgia Bill

‘I am shocked and a bit embarrassed for him’
By Grabien Staff


REID: "He just came out and talked about the amendments he tried to offer before, which were seen as inadequate by mainstream people who were involved in trying to do criminal justice reform, saw his previous bill as inadequate. Yeah, it failed a cloture vote. They can't get a cloture vote on the one that's going through the Congress now. He said nothing about the work he wants to do on this act, for which I had just given him credit before he started speaking, for which he’s getting credit from Democrats who are working with him. People see him as being genuine in trying to work on criminal justice reform. And rather than make even one single solitary point on that, he came out and lied about the Georgia bill saying it’s easier to vote in Georgia than in New York. I am — I am shocked and a bit embarrassed for him. This was a lost opportunity. Tim Scott has an opportunity to make his mark on criminal justice reform, and this ain’t going to do it. This wasn’t it."

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