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Joy Ann Reid: It’s Un-Christian To Force a Woman to Keep a Baby Conceived From Rape

‘What is missing here is the Book of Matthew’
By Grabien Staff


REID: “What is missing here is the Book of Matthew christianity, the christianity this is blessed are the immigrant that we got to care for their immigrant. Where is the christianity that says children deserve to have food and close? They deserve to have a school lunch, school kids being called greedy if they are having school lunch? Where is the believe children should have health care? None of that is there. If you force a woman and say you must give a rapists baby life, but we are going to do nothing for you to make sure that life survives, that you survive, that is not the christianity I think any of us, whether you are antiabortion, or believe abortion is a woman’s choice, nobody is supposed to recognize that. I want to play one person who I think crystallized it for me.”

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