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Joy Behar to Donna Brazile: Why Are You Giving ‘Red Meat’ to Trump with Your Book on Election Day?

‘I wanted to tell my story about what happened’
By Grabien Staff

BEHAR: "Today is Election Day. Why are you giving red meat to Trump’s side?"
BRAZILE: "A lot of people ask me that."
BEHAR: "Why not have it next week?"
BRAZILE: "Joy, I didn’t, quote/unquote — I set my launch for my book when I sent in my proposal. I thought, you know, in the year after a presidential election, that’s when you have a lot of debate and dissent. Everyone is writing books. Mr. Biden’s book is coming out, Mr. Sanders's book is coming out, Ms. Clinton’s book. By the way, I thought she wrote a great book, it was historical, a memoir and also a little campaign. I wanted to tell my story about what happened. I wasn’t writing to make someone upset. Look, I was upset. I cried enough for everybody. I apologized enough for everybody. I wanted to prevent this hacking from happening again and I also want to see the Democratic Party a stronger party, more effective party but I also want to make sure that our country is never attacked."

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