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Joy Behar to Rep. Kelly Admitting to Taking Hydrochloroquine: ‘I Can’t Believe Anybody with a Brain Would Take that Stuff’

‘You seem like an intelligent guy’
By Grabien Staff


KELLY: “Within 24 hours they told me, 'Listen, you have the virus, so what we want you to do is stay home and we’ll prescribe stuff.' So, Z-Pak, which most people use, and then the Hydroxychloroquine, I took it. So maybe that reduced the effects on me, but I didn’t have the respiratory part which is a real blessing."
BEHAR: "Did you just say that you took the Hydroxychloroquine? My sound is a little weird."
KELLY: "Yes, ma’am. Yes, I took it."
BEHAR: "Wow. I can’t believe anybody with a brain would take that stuff, but you seem like an intelligent guy. You’re a representative in Congress. Why would you take that drug? There are terrible consequences."
KELLY: "I appreciate it, that’s your view, that’s not my view. “

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