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Joy Reid Calls Fox News ‘Arguably the Greatest Threat to Our Democracy,’ Says Tucker Carlson Is ‘Our Most Prominent White Nationalist’

‘Fox News is giving a nightly platform to the most prominent white nationalist’
By Grabien Staff


REID: “That’s the problem. Conveniently omitted the part of cheney’s tweet with false executives and Rupert Murdoch. It’s not just the fact that Fox News is giving a nightly platform to the most prominent white nationalist, it’s also the murdoch “Wall Street journal” and editorial page with the unhinged letter again vomiting out the big lie and saying it’s news even if it’s vomited up bananas. Apparently, the editorial page is now just facebook giving space to deranged Florida retireeretier retiree because they can. The anti defamation league is asking fox corp CEO to cancel the special because his embrace of white supremacist talking points immobilizes movements. It’s injecting propaganda straight into the veins of people night after night and in their defense, fox’s lawyers say you can’t take it seriously. Keep that in mind when he airs and remember the murdochs are undermining democracy here and around the world. Here is how former australian minister described the murdoch effect back in April.”

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