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Judge Barrett: ‘Sen. Klobuchar, I Can’t Really Speak to What the President Has Said on Twitter’

‘He has not said any of that to me’
By Grabien Staff

KLOBUCHAR: “Well, that’s a good question. This guy — our president, he’s the one that decided to plop a Supreme Court nomination in the middle of an election when people’s health care is on the line with a case before the court on November 10th. So let’s see what he said about the Supreme Court. Well, one of President Trump’s campaign promises in 2015 was that his judicial appointments will do the right thing on ObamaCare. You can see it right here. And in fact, judge, just one day after you were nominated — this is like a few weeks ago — he said, also on Twitter, that it would be a big win if the Supreme Court strikes down the health law. So, judge, my first question, do you think we should take the president at his word when he say his nominee will do the right thing and overturn the Affordable Care Act?”

BARRETT: “Senator Klobuchar, I can’t really speak to what the president has said on Twitter. He hasn’t said any of that to me, and what I can tell you as I have told your colleagues earlier today is that no one has elicited from me any commitment in a case or even brought up a commitment in a case. I’m 100 percent committed to judicial independence from political pressure so whatever people’s, you know, party platforms may be or campaign promises may be, the reason why judges have life tenure is to insulate them from those pressures, so I take my oath seriously to follow the law and, you know, I — I have not pre-committed nor would I pre-commit to decide a case any particular way.”

KLOBUCHAR: “OK. And I think this life tenure, this idea that you have for everyone out there a job for life, makes this even more important.”

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