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Judge Jeanine: Is Ford Motivated by Revenge for Foreclosure Decision on Her Family’s Home by Kavanaugh’s Mother?

‘Many time victims are teed up by attorneys who want to become famous or rich’
By Grabien Staff


PIRRO: "And why take a lie detecter test if she believed what she was saying, why would she need an outsider to affirm whether what she’s saying is true. Might it be part of a long hatched plan to reveal. Investigators ask for lie detecter tests. And by the way, they’re no unreliable that I fought for a law in New York that wouldn’t require police to require women to take lie detecter tests because they’re unreliable. Now while Ford is highly political, one incidence is even more compelling. Do you remember when a president nominated Brett Kavanaugh, we heard that Kavanaugh’s mother was a judge. Ford’s parents — follow me. Ford’s parents had a foreclosure claim against them and their home in 1996 in Maryland. Ford’s parents lost their home. The judge ruled against them. The judge was a woman. The judge was Brett Kavanaugh’s mother. Many time victims are Teed up by attorneys who want to become famous or rich. Sometimes they’re even used by politicians."

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