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Judge Jeanine: Please, Mitch McConnell, Force an Impeachment Trial If It Gets to You

‘Call witnesses, do rebuttals, cross-examination, all those legal requirements that [Trump] was not allowed to do in Adam Schiff’s congressional circus’
By Grabien Staff


PIRRO: "And it’s closing in on the end of the year, here we are. They certainly keep their word when it’s about grabbing raw power. Now, you don’t think any of this is about real justice, do you? You don’t think these Democrats respect real elections? And if the Democrats continue to keep their word, then God help them when the trial begins in the Senate. And please, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, force the trial if it gets to you. I can’t wait for the American public when they are focused on the presidential election again and refreshed in January after the holidays to hear the President present a case. Call witnesses. Do rebuttals. Cross-examination."

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