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Judge Nap on Podesta Firm, FARA Violations: First Time Dems Are Arguably Within Ambit of Something Mueller Does

‘They are going to have to determine whether it was honest mistake or whether it was criminal’
By Grabien Staff


NAPOLITANO: “If you have deceived the government, if you have done it more than once, if you're hiding information from the government, that’s the crime. That’s what the Feds in Manhattan are looking at with respect to this Podesta group and its connections to Manafort."
KILMEADE: "They folded up shop immediately. Greg Craig is involved too. And Greg Craig was former Obama White House counsel."
NAPOLITANO: "And a defense lawyer for Bill Clinton in the impeachment trial. And to this point, very prominent lawyer and very prominent law firm."
DOOCY: "This is one of those things be careful what you wish for. Because the Democrats have been pushing this now suddenly wait, one of their guys got ensnared?"
NAPOLITANO: "The point the Brian made this is the first time that the Democrats or any Democrat is arguably within the ambit of something that Bob Mueller does."

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