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Judge Napolitano: Governments ‘Do Not Have the Authority’ To Mandate Masks

‘The federal government is not charged with public health or public safety’
By Grabien Staff


NAPOLITANO: "They do not have the authority to order that. Now, public pressure, peer pressure, people pointing at you, yelling at you, telling you to go take a hike or put your mask on, the force of public opinion may do what the law cannot do and since masks have been shown to prevent the spread of this disease, then the force of public opinion is a good thing, but in terms of police stopping you on the street or giving you a summons or a court imposing a fine? Absolutely not. First of all, these mayors and gubernatorial edicts are just suggestions, they're not the law. They have not been enacted by, in the case of New York City, the city council, or in the case of New York state, the state legislature."

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